Lost Boys seeks to preserve the timeless tradition of gathering friends, family, and nemeses around a coffee-table for a contest of wits and wills.
Games–– of all types–– have never been more popular or accessible than they are today. *** We at Lost Boys feel that face-to-face interaction is the most critical element of human life, and that, ideally, a game should do more than merely amuse: it should foster engaging and memorable social experiences, and it should do this without compromising depth, elegance, or accessibility. 

Our mission is to support this kind of experience in the small way we can–– by creating games which appeal to the social schemers, the cerebral strategists, the wily negotiators, and the gamblers alike, and bring them together for something that is fun in the most rewarding way possible.
For–– while a tablet game may be ‘fun’ on account of its stimulating mechanics, or a console game 'fun' because of its engaging theme–– our position is that games are at their best when they are fun because of the human interaction they engenders–– even if that interaction consists of the accusation that your opponent is a traitorous Austro-Hungarian spawnling, loudly extolling your intentions to burn a neighbor’s city to the ground, or vigorously denying that you are, in fact, in league with the Devil.